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Hot & Not List #3

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As I promised in the last edition of The List, I am keeping a close eye on the happenings in Java and Amsterdam 🙂

So to recap, last edition’s top of the hot list was the position of the Assistant Regent of Java; for the amount of responsibility it holds…as for our ‘not’ section, the top of the list went to Max Havalaar, for the simple reason that he isn’t as hot as a person the book is named after should be! I’ve received some mail from some you more um, opinionated readers, and though I admit this decision was quite a shallow one, but I stand by it. So if you don’t like it, TOUGH.

In this weeks edition we are shifting gears (again) and going back to Amsterdam…Is Droogstoppel still not hot? Is Scarfman’s creativity enough to keep him on the top of the Hot? Let us see…

What’s Hot:

  1. Frits: Our German hottie is at the top of the list  Not only has he hooked up with the beautiful Betsey Rosemeyer, made Marie giggle, and has been‘pulling the maid’s skirt when she brings the tea’, but he’s also got Droogstoppel’s (37 Lauriergracht!) panties in a bunch. He has also defended the Javanese in relation to their religious choices; there’s nothing more attractive then a man with romantic and moral notions…and the will to stand up for what is right! So though he is an annoyance in the eyes of the esteemed (meh) coffee broker, he is a great source of entertainment. Keep it up my friend!
  2. Stern: He is on the list for winning the affections of Louis Rosemeyer and for being a nuisance to his father…keep those headaches coming 🙂

What’s Not:

  1. Batavus Droogstoppel: For being annoying. No elaboration is necessary.
  2. Batavus Droogstoppel
  3. Batavus Droogstoppel
  4. Abraham Blankaart: On the list for being, as Droogstoppel said, ‘much too Dutch for a German’…OH DEAR.
  5. Batavus Droogstoppel