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Who’s who?

In Who's Who? on 25/03/2009 at 11:10

Oh my, guess who we saw entering his house today (No.37 Lauriergracht) – Droogstoopel! Looking very dapper in a smart suit, but not too flashy, he would NOT want to attract too much attention. Curiously, he seemed to have a manuscript tucked under his arm…wonder what THAT could be about? Droogstoopel writing a book? What could that be about? The Coffee Exchange maybe? Or a torrid love affair?

Our on scene reporter, Jacobus Van Janssen was able to procure (we cannot mention how) an excerpt from the manuscript and it seems that it is an autobiography!

“I am forty-three years old, I’ve been on the ‘Change for twenty years, so I can come forward if anyone’s called for who has experience”.

Who knew Droogstoopel was forty-three, looking great for forty-three, what do you think his secret is, readers?

Sources close to the star say that Droogstoopel is feeling a little frustrated at not being name on his company, Last & Co. Coffee Brokers. It seems even though the Meyers are gone now no one has thought to add his name to the title of the company. Wonder if he’ll kick up a fuss?


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