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Letter to the Editor – Raharjo Setiawan

In Cultural Context, From the plantations, Geography on 15/04/2009 at 22:21

Let me begin by introducing myself, my name is Raharjo Setiawan. Bandung, Java is where I call home. Here I work in the government as chief. My duties include overlooking the agricultural development of the area of Bandung.

I am lucky to have such a prestigious job and one that I value very much. I came from just the village of Bandung, where I worked along side my father who devoted his heart and soul into our land. Everyday together with my father and brothers we would plough the sawah. We would use spades and dig in the gots to get water. My job allows me to try and better the lives for these people, I understand them; I know what is important to them and I know what they want and need.

However I am lucky that I no longer live this life, a life of hard work and uncertainty. These men, they never know what the future will bring. If they are given a bad crop, or if the weather does not treat them well. This could mean disaster for their family. It is a constant stress for a family.

My job offers me security as I am paid the same amount, a mixed monthly salary. This means I know what I can afford and what I cannot. I feel blessed that this is what I receive as I have heard that other chiefs are not as lucky, some are paid in other forms. Some are simply paid one large sum, in return for the work they do for the Dutch occupation. While others are paid a bonus, which is measured, depending on how much is produced in his region. Of course then there are those, who only live off what they produce. It is these men that I feel for, as they work the hardest to provide as much as they can for their family.