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“News Today”-The island Java

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Java is and island in Indonesia where the capital of the country is; Batavia. There are many language that are spoken in this area but still the most powerful one is Indonesia where it is used in the whole Indonesia. Here is the word of the day from our News today to help you get around…


biru= blue

and last but not least

rumah= house

more to come on our new addition of News Today



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VOC is a trading Dutch company that started on 20 March 1602 in Asia is one of the biggest companies that were in process and now the company starts to decline because of one of the major problems of the decrease in the income of the company. Grow no more rice!!! Is one way that the company has chosen and the stock of Tea and coffee are increasing in Indonesia now for more commercial trade crops in the mountains of Priangan Districts where Sundanese farmers are from. This is due to the failure of the trade company and the power has been past down to the Dutch government to colonial control Indonesia and also their crops. They also have taxes collected from the village to increase more income to the government.

Who’s who?

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Max Havelaar, the Assitant resident of Lebak who has undertaken the duty of protecting the population of the Dutch East Indies from extortion and tyranny.

Some awful business is going on between Havelaar and the Regent and his son-in-law. Apparently he has accused them of Parang Kujang.

Who’s who? Spotted.

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Spotted: A Mr Slymering arriving at Max Havelaar’s house. Looking unusually pale Slymering.

Who’s who? Spotted.

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Spotted: Droogstopel in a carriage riding along Weesperstraat, mud flying, coincidentally into the face of Scarfman.

Who’s who?

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Have I told you about Scarfman, dear readers? No? Oh how silly of me to have not mentioned him yet for he is on my list of ones to watch. He was an acquaintance of Droogstopel’s when they were young men. They had not seen each other in a long time when they met up, by chance. Scarfman was dressed rather scruffy – hence the nickname he has been given – and Droogstopel was rather unhappy to be seen associating with such a scruffily dressed fellow.

A source close to Droogstopel has informed me that Droogstopel has found out a little unfavorable information on our Scarfman. Talking to a gentleman who used to be a Resident in the EAst – but now lives in a big coutnry house near Driebergen – who knew Scarfman and assured him that despite Scarman’s “woe is me” tale, he infact very much deserved to be fired as he was disreputable and discontented. Bringing home young girls despite the fact he was clearly already married, the man still has some big debts back in the EAst that it seems he’s run away from.

You know you love me,


Multatuli Man

Who’s who? Update.

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Update: From a source within the house (oh dear reader, we cannot reveal) we have disccovered that Fritz infact reada  poem to the ladies that was so beautiful and so touching that Louise burst into tears. Fritz then proceeded to repeat the poem (that he had memorized) to the assembled party, parents and all.

“Not yet, O Lord, they bliss –
Grant me first my mother’s kiss”

Who’s who?

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Fritz Droogstopel spotted at the Rosemeyers. As we all know out in the blogosphere the Rosemeyers are in sugar – very wealthy indeed. The Rosemeyers and the Droogstopel’s are friendly indeed but dear reader, I am not here to tell you about the business relationship of these two families but the lighter, more scandalous aspect of it all. Multatuli Man knows what you like. Fritz, sixteen years old, a tender age for anyone was – spotted by our fly on the wall – surrounded by the Rosemeyers daughters, one in fact, Louise was crying. What had the boy said to those beautiful young ladies to make them flutter about him so ? And had he left out Louise? Why did she feel the need to cry?

More to come


Multatuli Man

Spy #4

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Quick Glance at the past week

Days have passed living the life under Max. I have been introduced to countless officials working for the VOA and even the Resident Adhipati. I have been welcomed into a very close family with little Max always the center of attention. Through this I have met Tina, Max’s wife, who I must say is a very an interesting character that many people may overlook. Her constant willingness to agree with Max under any circumstance can be seen as a dire trait, but this made it possible for Havelaar to come to Lebak. Without her, Max would be lost and it would not be possible for me to spy on his role as a worker for the company as well as how the company is able to perform to such a high degree.


After our last meeting together, I have become a true believe in Max and what he believes in.

So far since coming here to Java, I have deduced the secret to the VOC. I found that the Dutch, who rule through the Javanese nobility, have consented to the belligerent and mistreatment of the laborers by their native masters. Even though I work for the British, it is amazing watching one man try and make a difference for the Javanese people. No matter how small a role they play in the world Max believes that everyone is important for something or someone. This further proves that the secret to the VOC is the powerful leadership by many of the officials. The British do not have a leader that would risk anything for development of the company. This I believe is our problem, and General if you can find a person like Max, then one day soon we will be able to overcome the Dutch and have the most powerful empire in the world.

Sir I would also like to inform you that I have befriended some people here by the names of Duclari and many of the ‘pembantus’. I have been told that Max must submit a report to his superiors discussing changes in Java. If I could get my hands on this we could get some high secret information that nobody has ever been able to see before. Until then I will keep my eyes open and my ears even more. Keep in touch sir.

Mrs. Havelaars travel and culture diary #3

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A Javanese woman and her child, she is wearing a traditional batik sarong which is the local dress.

Recently I have been very interested in the local cloths witch are very beautiful, there is batik and ikat. Batik, as seen in the still photograph being worn by the woman is made by making pattern on cloth with hot wax and then dying the fabric so the pattern then stands out,ikat is a woven fabric. I plan on making some trousers for Little Max and dress shirts for Max, they seem to be excited with the idea. We were all relaxing in the living room, I was reading, my husband drawing an embroidery pattern and Little Max was becoming frustrated while putting together his puzzle. My husband still hasn’t learned to embroider properly, his lace holes are always too close together, but he is slowly learning.

I found out the translations for colours and some words to do with sewing, I have been teaching them to both Max’s and it has been fun, we are always trying to impress one another and compete to see who has the best vocabulary. Here are the words:

draw- menggambar

embroidery- bordir

needle- djarum

thread- benang







After we heard the tontong I fed Little Max his supper, which I took from my locked cupboard, and then put him to bed. As Little Max was eating Max became upset over his work, he raised his voice “Damn this laxness, this shameful laxness! Here have I been sitting waiting for justice for a month, and meanwhile the poor people are suffering terribly!” I tried to act as concerned as I could, I was trying to hide how happy I was to see that he is very dedicated and passionate about his work.

The Governor General sent Max a letter and had orders for him to relocate to Ngawi, Verbrugge and Duclari were shocked as Max did not get any praise for the work he did, especially Duclari who said “ Jesus Christ! I’ve seen rogues thieves in Government service here… they left with full honors, and you get a letter like this!” Max was not as concerned and believed that there had been a mistake, so he asked if I could deliver a letter to the Governor General.

We soon left and went to Serang, to stay at Slymering’s house, as we were leaving a large crowd of people were gathered and as we passed they saluted Havelaar. I was so proud and I knew that my husband was a good man, and that they would not forget him.

Mrs. Havelaar