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In Espionage, For the British East India Company (Undercover Agent), Historical Context, Ideas for this blog on 23/03/2009 at 09:32

The Dutch East Indian company had been set up in the early seventeenth century to maximize trade interests in the Malay Archipelago. By 1700, a colonial pattern was well established; the VOC had grown to become a state-within-a-state and the dominant power in the archipelago. Its territorial possessions became the property of the Dutch government. This is what my job description is. I am the spy above all spies, quietly following the trade by the Dutch. In 1800, the Powerful British Empire took over what was gaining from the Dutch, including Java. It was not until 1824, that we ceded to a treaty with the Dutch, in which Malacca, the Malay Peninsula, and possessions in India were given to us in exchange for a new capitol for the Dutch trading company in Batavia. This treaty marked the day I was assigned a job of watching over Dutch trades. My main target is a person I know little about; Max Havelaar. A born Dutch (Amsterdam to be exact), i have been monitoring his everyday life, in search for the secret of the success of how the OVC came to be. To achieve my goal I shall stay unapproachable, and set traps everywhere. Someday soon we will unlock the furtive. Until next time, I must make camp; someone might find me in the night.