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Have I told you about Scarfman, dear readers? No? Oh how silly of me to have not mentioned him yet for he is on my list of ones to watch. He was an acquaintance of Droogstopel’s when they were young men. They had not seen each other in a long time when they met up, by chance. Scarfman was dressed rather scruffy – hence the nickname he has been given – and Droogstopel was rather unhappy to be seen associating with such a scruffily dressed fellow.

A source close to Droogstopel has informed me that Droogstopel has found out a little unfavorable information on our Scarfman. Talking to a gentleman who used to be a Resident in the EAst – but now lives in a big coutnry house near Driebergen – who knew Scarfman and assured him that despite Scarman’s “woe is me” tale, he infact very much deserved to be fired as he was disreputable and discontented. Bringing home young girls despite the fact he was clearly already married, the man still has some big debts back in the EAst that it seems he’s run away from.

You know you love me,


Multatuli Man


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