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Mrs. Havelaars travel and culture diary #3

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A Javanese woman and her child, she is wearing a traditional batik sarong which is the local dress.

Recently I have been very interested in the local cloths witch are very beautiful, there is batik and ikat. Batik, as seen in the still photograph being worn by the woman is made by making pattern on cloth with hot wax and then dying the fabric so the pattern then stands out,ikat is a woven fabric. I plan on making some trousers for Little Max and dress shirts for Max, they seem to be excited with the idea. We were all relaxing in the living room, I was reading, my husband drawing an embroidery pattern and Little Max was becoming frustrated while putting together his puzzle. My husband still hasn’t learned to embroider properly, his lace holes are always too close together, but he is slowly learning.

I found out the translations for colours and some words to do with sewing, I have been teaching them to both Max’s and it has been fun, we are always trying to impress one another and compete to see who has the best vocabulary. Here are the words:

draw- menggambar

embroidery- bordir

needle- djarum

thread- benang







After we heard the tontong I fed Little Max his supper, which I took from my locked cupboard, and then put him to bed. As Little Max was eating Max became upset over his work, he raised his voice “Damn this laxness, this shameful laxness! Here have I been sitting waiting for justice for a month, and meanwhile the poor people are suffering terribly!” I tried to act as concerned as I could, I was trying to hide how happy I was to see that he is very dedicated and passionate about his work.

The Governor General sent Max a letter and had orders for him to relocate to Ngawi, Verbrugge and Duclari were shocked as Max did not get any praise for the work he did, especially Duclari who said “ Jesus Christ! I’ve seen rogues thieves in Government service here… they left with full honors, and you get a letter like this!” Max was not as concerned and believed that there had been a mistake, so he asked if I could deliver a letter to the Governor General.

We soon left and went to Serang, to stay at Slymering’s house, as we were leaving a large crowd of people were gathered and as we passed they saluted Havelaar. I was so proud and I knew that my husband was a good man, and that they would not forget him.

Mrs. Havelaar


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