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Spy #3 – Max’s first speech

In Espionage, For the British East India Company (Undercover Agent), Verbrugge on 15/04/2009 at 11:11

Today I witnessed an incredible feeling; Havealarr is a true poet of discussion. His words are more powerful then a pointed gun locked and loaded, ready to fire. Working for the British East Indian trading company if they knew how I felt about this man it would ruin my reputation and most likely ban me from my job.

I cannot let this affect my work, I must continue to find out how the Dutch East Indian trading company works, (remember stay on the job!!!). Back to duty….. Havelarr gave a speech to many of the chiefs here in Rangkas-Betung, which I am told only occurs once a month. The speech began as all of us at the table were unprepared for what would come out of his mouth. He talked of slight changes that would lead to a better life not just for him but for the company and the people in Lebak. One move in a different direction would create an immense full change. I am beginning to believe that the truth behind the secret to the Company is not any one thing, but it is how important the leaders perform. It seems that the General was right in setting me this course. Even though Max was an Assistant Resident and had been working for less that 24 hours, he was talking as if he had been on the job for a decade, and knew everything he wanted for Indonesia and the Company.

As I was taking notes on all of his ideas, his main concern was of mistakes and that all humans make mistakes, but it was their job to minimize these. Havelarr used both justice and paternalistic leadership styles. It was not that he wanted to strike fear into his chiefs, but he wanted them to believe in him enough so that he would be respected and trusted

After his talk and all the chiefs dispersed, I stayed back as my secret identity. Havelarr took me aside and asked me if I knew anything about scandalous abuse of authority in Lebak. General had informed me of some backstabbing going on but I was unaware so I decided to play the part and act as if I knew what Max was talking about. I learned that the Regent used forced labor to do all his biddings (almost three times as many people). Max started getting very emotional and I saw his caring side. Max stated that once the coffee was gone, the regent would steal money from the people in his name. Why did the Regent would do this if he already had some fortune, while almost all the natives of Lebak are poor working every day for little or nothing? General I have done some fantastic research, and am slowly unfurling the web of the Dutch company. Max is a stable resource for information, and it looks like I’ll be playing the part for a while here. If possible could you please send me more disguises.


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