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Coffee Brokers Diary #3

In Uncategorized on 15/04/2009 at 21:35

Much has happened since i last wrote. Firstly, yesterday i managed to get one of the Governer’s friends to have a chat with Mr. Droogstoppel himself because i was intrigued by that man and i had to satisfy my curiosity of just how this man really is. After Martijn returned from talking with Droogstoppel i couldnt believe that all that had been said about him to me previously was all true, that Droogstoppel was infact a cold boring man who liked to talk and talk about himself with no content to stop and has very strange philosphies and logic, i find this satisfying to know that one of my biggest competitors is this kind of man, i feel it provides me the tools to outsmart him. Other than that the stay in the township of Serang is enjoyable, Lebak is a wonderfull place, plentiful with coffee, and this is what lead me to realise to what infact Droogstoppel was actually doing here. I hope to finish my trip here in Indonesia soon, but the more i find out about this man the more i am curious about him.


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