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Coffee Brokers Diary #2

In Uncategorized on 15/04/2009 at 19:20

It has been a while since i last wrote an entry in this diary, but the wait is well worth it. I have been at see for a lengthy time now, i have taken the long journey abored a dutch coffee ship on its way to Indonesia, Bantam to be exact. Only a few weeks after conceiving the idea of following Droogstoppel I recieved word that he and a few of his colleagues would be making a trip to Bantam on a coffee related trip. Once I had arrived which was approximately 1 week ago i immediately wasted no time on finding out where he works and how he obtains his coffee, it was fairly easy to obtain due to my connections with the current Governer of Bantam, i now know where he works and what he is doing Bantam and i will soon be leaving to Serang in a few days to follow Droogstoppel, i have little information about what he will be doing there but the journey has only begun and there will be alot more research that will need to be conducted for my trip to not be a failure…

During this short excursion to Serand i hope to see just what he is doing there, maybe a coffee plantation is located there? who knows but whatever he is doing there I will soon find out. The only problem i have is the joruney to there, i have heard that the main road there is of poor quality and keeping at a close distance to Droogstoppel will become almost impossible if i am not to reveal my true intentions, that would be disasterous to find that one of his main competitors is trailing him around. But i will figure something before then hopefully all will go according to plan and the ride to Serand will go accordingly. Untill next time.


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