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Spy – Latest Discovery

In Espionage, For the British East India Company (Undercover Agent), Max Havelaar on 13/04/2009 at 09:08

I apologize for the lateness of my most recent response governor, but as I have said I am the spy above all spies requiring me to do more work in as little time as possible, you must understand. I have outstanding news for you lord, as I have uncovered some truly impeccable information dealing with the Dutch East Indies (those worthless ****). Anyway, back to my latest discovery, the secret to the well tuned Dutch is their system of power. The ‘Kingdom of the Netherlands” is entirely a team effort, which begins with the Governor-General, who is assisted by a council. This then branches out to departments which forms a link between the supreme authority and Residents (which control an area they occupy outside of the Netherlands such as Batavia). By appointing chiefs such as the Resident and Assistant resident (who I am have been affirmed from an inside man is a new man by the name of Havelaar), it enables officials to stay in close contact with their high-er powers. In this way the Dutch followed in the steps of the Romans, whose purpose for this was make certain that each region remained a province, or a conquered region. It is becoming clearer and clearer to the secret of the Dutch, only now I must focus on a particular aspect and go undercover. I am tired of hiding away in the forest. This Havelaar seems to be a character; I might be able to justify what I have found out by paying close attention to him. Alas I must go, but you will be hearing from me soon Governor, the real secret to the Dutch may still be out there, but for now I am assured that the system of power is able to keep control of everything.


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