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The Editor’s Notes: Chapter 1

In Batavus Droogstoppel, The Editor on 29/03/2009 at 15:20

I should have known Droogstoppel would start by stating his profession and address. There was really no chance for a more enticing first line. As he says himself, Droogstoppel has never written anything that resembled a novel, and he doesn’t even like reading such things! If the manuscripts he had shown me were not as interesting as they were, I would have never agreed to take this project on. However, no pain, no gain, right? Enduring his pompous drivel from time to time would be worth it in the end. This story is too important to let go.

The first chapter is interesting though, I must give Droogstoppel that. I even laughed aloud at his musings on verses and theatre. Although as a man much involved with literature I must confess his views are rather contrasting with mine – it is certainly not all ‘nonsense and lies’! Romantic poems and rhymes may not be all ‘truth and common sense’ but they are beautiful – something Droogstoppel probably could never understand – being a businessman and all that.

Moving on, although I disagree with him much, I must admit his writing is not bad. His vocabulary is varied, though sometimes his grammar is flawed – he often mentions how Frits corrects his errors, though he never apologizes for them. He does come off as irritating on most pages, consequently, and this worries me slightly. His use of italics and emphasis gives way to a tone which is a little too condescending and self-righteous. Hopefully in the next chapter he eases off on the ‘I am virtuous’ lines.

It’s quite an interesting beginning, though not much involved with the core of the story. So I told him to copy a scene from an unpublished play I thought was appropriate and slip it in before the first chapter. It touches on the themes of injustice and abuse of power, something which will tie in to the rest of the novel.

Hopefully Droogstoppel picks up the pace and gets further into his story in the second chapter.

– The Editor, 44 Prinzengracht, Amsterdam.


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