Bali IB DP English

Ideas – Kepsibel

In Character Development, Gossip, Ideas for this blog on 25/03/2009 at 10:48

1. The weather

2. The Environmental commentator : Talk bout the environments that are involved with Max Havelaar, Java vs. Amsterdam

3. The update on the coffee exchange, kind of like the stock market but the coffee exchange, showing the ups and downs of the coffee business according to the book, adding in reasons for the ups and downs that relates back to the book

4. Character profiles as they are introduced to us, update them as their stories unfold. This is my favorite idea so far and I think I can go the furthest with it, it would include quotes from them, who they are, what they look like what they do, what they wear, relationships with the other characters.. kind of like following your favorite celebrities!


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